Follow these simple steps to participate:

It’s simple.

  1. Shoot your performance on the theme of Technology and Indians
  1. Upload your Reels and tag on Facebook or @taiwanexcellence_in along with 3 funny friends and use the hashtags #TechLOLogySeason3 #TaiwanExcellence #EverydayExcellence #REELIT2WINIT
  1. Don't wish to upload your performance on your social media? Don’t worry, simply register on our website, log in and upload your entry video! Upload Video Here

Mogambo Khush hua.

— when your crush gifts you a new Asus Zenfone


  1.  Upload a comedy Reel in your profile as per our theme, tag @Taiwan Excellence_in with the hashtag #REELIT2WINIT #TaiwanExcellence #EverydayExcellence #TechLOLogySeason3
  1. Your content can be anything about technology; from doorbell to dating apps, smartphones to webcams and gaming to space ships
  1. If you can incorporate ‘Taiwan Excellence’ brands in any way - you get an extra point. 
  1. You must Like and Follow Taiwan Excellence India on both, Facebook and Instagram.
  1. The Contest is open to participants from anywhere in the world, just ensure that you make us ROFL
  1. If you upload your piece on social media, you must tag three friends on your post. Using all hashtags and tags are necessary to qualify


  1. The Jury's decision will be final.  
  1. The posts published by the contestants with the purpose of participating in the contest will be used, shared, downloaded and re-uploaded by Taiwan Excellence as and when deemed fit by the brand.  
  1. We do not take responsibility for any plagiarism by any participant. However, it goes without saying that we will go only for the freshest of comic relief you can give.
  1. The shortlisted contestants will have to come for the jury round.
  1. The dates and schedule of the contest are subject to change in case there is a necessity which arises.
  1. We reserve the right to modify, insert and/or to withdraw any part of the rules specified herein.