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“Mere Karan-Arjun OS updates aayenge.

— Android Users

What is TechLOLogy Superstars?


Technology is booming in India, and so is comedy. In our everyday lives, we see many examples of how technology is creating fun and funny situations. We have combined technology and comedy to cook a dish that is deliciously funny and positively geeky. Here comes TechLOLogy Superstars, a platform for next-gen performers with comic excellence.

This contest is open for standup comic artists, actors who aspire to be a comedian-Hasya Kavi, Humor Rappers and even the funny friend in your group who can make you roll over the floor with laughter.

The theme of TechLOLogy Superstars can be anything from ‘why Indians love online shopping’ to ‘how technology has replaced the quintessential bhajan singer from Indian homes.’


Disclaimer: Jury’s decision will be final and cannot be changed under any circumstance.  

Round 1 (Uploading videos on social media): It is the preliminary round. Performers will upload videos on their social media account. Our Jury will shortlist videos for Round 2 from all the eligible videos.

Round 2 (Silent Auditions): It is the qualification round. We will call the selected performers for silent auditions and the Jury will use their discretion to select the finalists for Round 3.

Round 3 (Finale): It is the Finale Round where the Crowned TechLOLogy Superstar and Fabulous Four will be decided on the basis of engagement on social media promotions.

About Taiwan Excellence

Every year, Taiwan Excellence adds brilliance to the lives of people through their outstanding innovations and technology. They follow very strict criteria to select the innovations that add value. With TechLOLogy Superstars, Taiwan Excellence is going to add a dash of laughter in the lives of people.

Established in the year 1993, Taiwan Excellence follows a meticulous process that covers four major aspects–R&D, Marketing, Design, and Quality to select outstanding products that offer ‘innovative value’ and satisfy the hallmark of “made in Taiwan”. The chosen products are rewarded with the mark of excellence and promoted across international markets.


“Tumse naa ‘run’ ho payega.”

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